10 Easy Ways to Save Money

10 Easy Ways to Save Money

No sacrifice needed to save cash! Here are 10 Easy Ways To Save Money. Very little time or effort is needed to save money and get cash back on essentials we buy everyday.

1. Cash Back! Rakuten Ebates

Buying more online with physical stores closed? Rakuten Ebates offers cash back on items you are already purchasing. Click on one of the hundreds of online retailers before you place an order and you will receive cash back. Its that simple and it is FREE! You are still shopping and buying from Amazon or whatever other retailer’s website you click through.

Click Here: Rakuten Ebates

2. Discounted Gas! Shell Fuel Rewards

Sign-up for the FREE Shell Fuel Rewards program. You will save 5 cents on every gallon of gas at Shell. You will always get 5 cents off, and occasionally the discount is increased based on the points you acquire. Gas is cheap now, but another 5 cents off is great!

Click Here: Shell Fuel Rewards

3. Cash back on Groceries and Pet Supplies! Ibotta

Groceries, clothing, pet supplies — these are the purchases you make every day. When you shop with Ibotta (it’s FREE), you’ll earn cash back whenever you shop, both online and in-store. Add items you purchase to your list on Ibotta and then take a photo of your receipt – money back in your pocket.

Click Here: Ibotta

4. Half Priced Camping! Passport America

As we continue 10 Easy Ways to Save Money, here’s one for camping. This one does require an annual membership fee of $44, but it includes hundreds of campgrounds across America that offer half priced camping.

Click Here: Passport America

5. Find the lowest Gas Price! Gas Buddy APP or Gas Guru APP

These two FREE APPS – Gas Buddy and Gas Guru – show a list and a map to identify prices at gas stations near you. You can easily see the price variances and ensure you are not overpaying for gas.

6. Amazon Price Tracker! camelcamelcamel.com

Find the product you want on Amazon and simply copy the link. Paste that link into the camelcamelcamel site. You will see the historical pricing model for this item. You can easily identify dynamic pricing and even set alerts for items not immediately needed to purchase when the price drops.

Click Here: camelcamelcamel.com

7. Sell Your Photos! Shutterstock

Shutterstock is always seeking new stock photos, video and vectors to sell and you earn a royalty each time one of your photos sells. They do require technically sound images and each photos submitted is reviewed before being accepted. There are a lot of restrictions regarding selling images of trademarked or copyright items.

Click Here: Shutterstock Contributors

Being frugal doesn’t mean slashing your spending or depriving yourself of things that you enjoy. It means knowing the value of a dollar and making every effort to spend it wisely.

― Frank Sonnenberg, BookSmart: Hundreds of real-world lessons for success and happiness

8. Earn Money Online! Amazon Mechanical Turk

Since 2005, Amazon Mechcanical Turk offers a chance to earn money a few pennies at a time. The online work varies from answering surveys to transcribing lists, all done through your Amazon account. You select to be paid in cash or Amazon gift cards to save money when ordering.

Click Here: Amazon Mechanical Turk

9. Free Camping! FreeCampsites.net

Another way to save money camping as we continue 10 Easy Ways to Save Money. Free campgrounds can be hard to find. Freecampsites.net makes it easy. They offer a FREE and simple, map based search engine to find free and cheap camping areas.

Click Here: FreeCampsites.net

10. Buy Discounted Gift Cards – Raise.com

Raise.com helps save money by selling verified gift cards at a discount. Some gift cards are more discounted than others. For example, you can purchase a Krispy Kreme $25 gift card for $22.50 – a 20% discount with no hidden fees.

Click Here: Raise.com

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As we are unexpectedly hurled into this new reality, I hope each of you remains safe and healthy. For all those providing essential services – thank you!

Stay safe, my friends!

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Here’s some additional ideas to save money on fuel: Save Money on Gas and Diesel

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