RV Tour

Welcome to RV Cribs! A complete RV tour – both outside and inside – of my Fifth Wheel Heritage Glen 327RE travel trailer.

Fifth Wheel Tour

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Fifth Wheel Outside Tour

The fifth wheel travel trailer is 36 feet long, has 3 slide outs, 2 A/C units on top to keep it cool and a dry weight of about 10,000 pounds.

I tow the fifth wheel camper with my 2015 Ford F250 super duty diesel truck with the 6.7 liter 8-cylinder engine. It is a 4 Door – crew cab with 4-wheel drive.
The RV tour starts on the outside with the that extends 3 feet out to provide more living space, and then it retracts for towing. There is a mountain bracket for the TV, cable hookup as well as two outdoor speakers for both the TV and radio/Bluetooth. There is also an electrical outlet. The basement compartment extends all the way under and is accessible through a door on the other side.

Heritage Glen 327RE
My Ford F250 tows the fifth wheel.
The slide out extends 39 inches out from the trailer when parked making the inside living space more comfortable.

Two more slide outs on this side of the camper, the front one is for the bedroom and the long slide out is the living room. Notice the utilities, a black 50-amp electrical cord and the blue hose is for water.

The water heater is vented to the outside, and the two smaller vents are for the gas furnace. The black pipes below the rig allow for emptying the holding tanks.

Then we move to the back where both slides outs can be seen and provide a total width of 13 feet. There’s also a ladder to reach the roof and my bike rides on a slide-in hitch that can be removed and inserted into my truck when I am not towing.

RV tour
Showing the living room, office and kitchen in the RV.

RV Roof

On the roof of the camper – there’s a TV antenna, a skylight above the shower, and a vent that opens from the inside. There are two A/C units and on either side of the front A/C unit are four 100-watt solar panels that I installed to provide power when I am not plugged in to electricity. Check out more information on my solar install on this trailer: RV Solar.

RV Inside Tour

Sold my house and living full time in my Heritage Glen fifth wheel RV.
Next on the RV tour – let’s take a peek inside – where you will certainly find my two cats. A microwave and gas stove and oven round out the built-in appliances. There’s a video on how I installed a soap dispenser in my RV.

As the tour of the RV continues, entering this Heritage Glen 327RE fifth wheel from the screen door the stairs to the right lead up and to the bathroom and bedroom and the living room is to the left. The sink and counter provide a great area for meal prep. Extending beyond is the living room and desk.

I replaced the dining table with a desk directly below a window, providing great views. Two recliners are on one side and an L-shaped sofa on the other. I added places for the cats to play and look outside in several locations.

Camper Desk

The desk I added provides a comfortable workspace for writing, editing photos and videos, and researching my next travel destinations.
The flat screen TV is typically mounted above the fireplace and can easily be removed and relocated to the bracket on the outside of the RV. There is plenty of storage on both sides of the fireplace and also above the sofa, which is a tri-fold sleeper.

The fireplace is electric with a blower and provides heat in additional to a nice atmosphere on those cool evenings. The A/C is ducted throughout and there’s also a ceiling fan. With both slide outs extended, there is plenty of room. The residential fridge and freezer run on an inverter off my battery bank while traveling or not connected to electricity.

The door to the bath room is up three stairs and includes all the conveniences of a house – sink, shower, and toilet. There is even some storage in the medicine cabinet and under the sink.

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The shower has sliding glass doors and a skylight above for additional space. There is a ten-gallon hot water heater on board. The RV also has a fresh water tank and a water pump that runs on electricity or battery, as well as holding tanks for the waste water.

video tour
The video tour includes both the inside and outside of the rig.

Remaining upstairs on the RV tour and just a couple steps down a short hallway from the bathroom is the bedroom. A queen bed, drawers and a closet to hang clothes. Inside the closet are hookups to easily add a washer and dryer. Typical bedroom, just a little small.

Full-time RV

I’m retired, sold my house and most of my possessions and now I live and travel fulltime.

Be sure to follow my journey: Brad’s RV Adventures. Another RV tour may be coming in the future, as there are many details that I did not include in this overview.