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I live and travel full-time in my RV, having started this journey in June 2018. I enjoy sharing my various adventures here on RVing Revealed as I meander from state to state and seek hidden unique pieces of Americana.

I share videos daily on TikTok: @RVingRevealed, which is the best way to follow my travels.

In the Spring of 2021, I temporarily left the luxuries of my RV for three months and hiked 700 miles of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Virginia! Here’s my posts from the Appalachian Trail: Brad’s Appalachian Trail Adventures.

I’ll back up momentarily and briefly share how I got to this point in RVing Revealed. An implausible dream gradually morphed into a quest to leave the corporate world, retire at 50 years old and sell my house. I retired and embarked on a journey of living and traveling full-time in my fifth wheel RV, with a focus on volunteering, outdoor adventures and pursuing my many hobbies. Here’s more about me: Brad Saum, or you can find me on LinkedIn.

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RVing Revealed fifth wheel RV and tent
My tent became home for three months while I backpacked the Appalachian Trail.
Awesome campsite in the Tombigbee National Forest right on Davis Lake with the sun setting behind my rig.
Awesome campsite in the Tombigbee National Forest right on Davis Lake with the sun setting behind my rig.

Here’s a few of my favorite posts:

Remember the Big Fish movie from 2003? 

Hands On With Smoky Mountain Bears

Volunteering in Tahlequah with Habitat for Humanity

In July 2021, after completing my Appalachian Trail hike, I traded in my Heritage Glen fifth wheel and opted for a new Cherokee Arctic Wolf to continue my RVing Revealed journey. My travels continue as I continually seek new adventures and destinations.

My New Cherokee Arctic Wolf RV

Brad Saum RVing Revealed
The sun setting on the beautiful Appalachian Mountains.