Fifth wheel travel trailer RV stabilizer

RV Stabilizer Jack Switch Replacement

The rear stabilizer jacks were not working on my Forest River Heritage Glen Fifth Wheel travel trailer. The RV Stabilizer Jack Switch replacement fixed the problem!

To troubleshoot the RV stabilizer jacks, I used a multimeter to check if power was being provided to the switch. With that confirmed, I then checked if power was coming through when the switch was pressed.

tools for switch replacement
Just a few basic tools were needed to replace the rear stabilizer jack switch on my fifth wheel RV.

The multimeter confirmed my problem. There was no power passing through the stabilizer switch on my travel trailer. Clearly, that indicated a bad switch that needed replaced.

The RV stabilizer jack switch for my Forest River Heritage Glen Fifth Wheel is the standard Lippert Components High-Speed Power Stabilizer Jack – 30″ Lift (LCI Part #LC387874).

Lippert stabilizer jack switch
The RV stabilizer jack switch replacement is an OEM Lippert part complete with the wiring harness including four wires: black, red, yellow, and blue.

This Lippert Components part replaces the extend/retract switch and wiring harness for the Lippert electric stabilizer jack (LCI Part #LC363284).

RV Stabilizer Jack Switch Replacement:

RV fifth wheel stabilizer wires
With the old stabilizer switch removed, the red, black, white, blue and yellow wires are exposed. The green and white wires are not related, to the stabalizer switch, as they power the running lights.

Switch Wires:
– Black wire is Ground
– Red Wire is Power
– Yellow Wire is Retract
– Blue Wire is Extend

wiring for travel trailer stabilizer switch
RV stabilizer jack switch replacement installed and wires connected with butt splices. Then, I wrapped the the connections in electrical tape as an additional protection against the weather as they are exposed to the elements under the rear fender.

RV Stabilizer Jack Switch Replacement:

  1. Note wiring diagram. Either draw a quick layout noting how the wires are connected or take a photo. Obviously, this simple step helps when connecting the new wires.
  2. Disconnect wires and remove old switch. Simply, there are four screws that hold the switch to the RV fender.
  3. Install new switch ensuring the wires extend through the opening. The new RV stabilizer jack switch replacement is water proof when screwed tightly to the fender.
  4. Strip the ends of all wires to ensure a good connection.
  5. Connect wires with butt splices. Refer to the diagram or photo from Step 1 to confirm which color wires need to be connected.
  6. Test to verify the new switch is working.
Hole for  Stabilizer Jack Switch replacement
The old stabilizer switch removed and the existing hole in the rear fender where the new stabilizer switch fit without any modification.

Importantly, these jacks are stabilizers and not intended to raise or level the trailer. Using the jack to lift the weight of the trailer to level it instead of stabilizing can overextend the jack and cause failure.

 Stabilizer Jack Switch replacement
The new stabilizer switch installed on the rear fender.

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