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Finally Fishing

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After spending several weeks in South Dakota this summer, I headed out of Rapid City on August 4, 2018. 75 days, 9 states, 15 campgrounds and about 2,300 miles later I landed in McComb, Mississippi. Nothing particularly significant about McComb, just calling Percy Quin State Park home for the week, and then it is on the road again.

Fortunately many friendships rekindled on this journey through South Dakota, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Mississippi – and I even missed a few that I will catch on the next pass through. Several new friends were also added along the way.

Brad Saum RV Adventure
75 days, 9 states, 15 campgrounds and about 2,300 miles – My Full time RV Adventure continues.

Finally Fishing

Every state requires a license to fish, and the annual cost for a resident of that state is fairly reasonable. Purchasing a fishing license in every state I pass through can become cumbersome and somewhat expensive.

Brad Saum fulltime RV
Lake Tangipahoa at Percy Quin State Park
Lake Tangipahoa at Percy Quin State Park presented a good opportunity including lots of shore access to the lake, good weather and a one-day non-resident Mississippi fishing license for ten bucks. Any day fishing is a good day, and landing a 14-inch bass topped off a great day.

“Our nature as humans is to not change. We get comfortable, and we don’t want to be pushed outside that comfort zone. You have to be willing, every once in a while, to jump.” — Paula A. Kerger, President & CEO of PBS.

Percy Quin State Park

Percy Quin represented Mississippi in the United States House of Representatives from 1913 to 1932. He made a fortune investing in Reading Railroad, then sold and continued making money in the cotton industry. Well known for

Percy Quin State PArk
A quaint little chapel at Percy Quin State Park.
his philanthropic efforts, he built an orphanage on his cotton fields.

In the great cotton field fire of 1925 the damage to the orphanage was so extensive that Percy had to sell off his land. The orphans who survived the fire later donated the funds for the purchase of the land now known as Percy Quin State Park.

The Journey Continues

Life on the road includes doing everyday tasks such as doing laundry.
Percy Quin State Park in McComb is my final stop in Mississippi before heading southwest into Louisiana. One week to explore the bayous and then it’s volunteering for two-weeks with Habitat for Humanity.

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