Brad Saum standing at Georgia's Grand Canyon in Providence Canyon State Park, Georgia

Georgia’s Grand Canyon

Georgia’s Grand Canyon is so unique and seemingly out of place that it is impressive and the numerous little valleys make for interesting hiking.

A fascinating example of horrible farming practices coupled with the powerful hand of Mother Nature forms the backdrop for Georgia’s Grand Canyon at Providence Canyon State Park.

Georgia's Grand Canyon near Lumpkin, Georgia.
Georgia’s Grand Canyon near Lumpkin, Georgia.

I frequently enjoy natural areas in state and federal parks. This time I am conflicted as I tread through the majestic canyon and weigh the beauty and the cause.

Just 150 years ago, farmers began to cultivate this gently rolling farmland. There was no canyon. The farmers plowed straight down the terrain to enable easy irrigation by the natural water flow from rain.

The top layer of clay washed away and the underlying sand and stone quickly eroded to massive depths. Providence Canyon was the result. And the story is not finished. Every day the natural erosion continues and the canyons are getting noticeably larger.

high rock walls of Georgia's Grand Canyon
Georgia’s Grand Canyon, or sometimes referred to as the Little Grand Canyon.

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Providence Canyon State.
Providence Canyon State Park sprawls out below revealing the Little Grand Canyon in Georgia.

A nearby abandoned historic church has been moved further away from the edge of the canyon on three occasions. The road has been relocated further. Toppled trees can be seen fallen into the canyon wall, a sign of recent erosion.

old rusted vehicles overgrown with vegetation
These old vehicles were among others left behind from the old homestead that once occupied what is now a state park.

Providence Canyon State Park is home to Georgia’s Grand Canyon and includes over one thousand acres in Stewart County in southwest Georgia.

Some include this area as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Georgia. I’m just not convinced this qualifies entirely as natural. Regardless, the natural erosion has carved out a strikingly beautiful canyon making an impressive hiking area.

storefront of Graffiti's Pizza Joint in Eufaula, AL
Graffiti’s Pizza Joint in Eufaula, AL was a fabulous stop for lunch in a quaint downtown after hiking Georgia’s Grand Canyon.

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