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Mechanics of Life on the Road

Destination South Dakota – but why? If you are curious about the mechanics of life on the road, the starting point is establishing a legal domicile – a legal residence for purpose of normal transactions such as obtaining a driver’s license, vehicle registration, voting, banking and the list goes on and on. I’m becoming a South Dakota resident.

Side notes before I continue:
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2. Interested in my travels since the kayaking in the Black Hills, I’m still in South Dakota, checking out state parks – details coming in my next post this coming weekend.
3. Curious about the mechanics of life on the road, this is the first in a series that I will periodically drop in between my adventures.

Becoming a South Dakota Resident

This business aspect of life requires an address, and an email address will not quite suffice just yet. Anyone who has moved has gone through the process of setting up a new address, but what if you don’t have a new address?

Once my house sold and I was living and traveling fulltime in my RV, I not only needed an address, but also a means to get my mail on the road.

After extensive research I settled on America’s Mailbox (there are several companies that provide this service) – a private company that is focused on mail forwarding. I now have my own address in Box Elder, SD – but is is just a small box at a business, similar to a post office box. Most states do not allow a post office box to appear on your driver’s license, but South Dakota allows these private mailboxes to be used as a permanent address on a federally compliant license.

SD Driver Lilcense
Becoming a South Dakota resident as the foundation to support the mechanics of life on the road.

I can use my address to receive anything – snail mail, packages, statements, bills, etc. Americas Mailbox simply holds my mail indefinitely until I complete a request on their website and they compile it into a suitable large envelope or box and ship it to wherever I happen to be.

Americas Mailbox frequently works with fulltime RVers, and provide expert guidance on obtaining driver’s license and vehicle registration. Yes, I have a South Dakota driver’s license and car tags. Another critical factor – I am registered to vote.

What’s next? In an upcoming post, I will review other factors that make South Dakota an attractive domicile – consider taxes, insurance costs, car tags fees, and more.

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