Mammoth Cave National Park

Happy New Year

Winter hiking provides a unique perspective without the obstructions of the tree leaves and other vegetation allowing for a clearer view penetrating deep into the surrounding landscape. Hiking along the bluff overlooking the Green River on this crisp morning at Mammoth Cave National Park was refreshing for both mind and body. If only our paths were always this clear and apparent.

Winter hiking in Mammoth Cave National Park. © Brad Saum/ – All rights reserved.
With the fallen leaves, winter hiking allows for such clarity for long distances through the woods. A few birds were fluttering about, but no deer.

Happy New Year!

We are now full speed into 2019 and I hope this year gives you the opportunity to follow your dreams! I wish everyone good health and success facing your challenges. Thanks for following my journey and I hope you stay along for the ride in 2019 as I continue my adventure living and traveling full time in my RV.

Brad Saum full time RV camping in his fifth wheel travel trailer in Lexington, KY.
Thanks, Bill and Cindy – I appreciate having a home away from home!

Holiday Reflections

The last two weeks have been filled with family and friends through the holidays. I have a home away from home thanks to Bill and Cindy, who just happen to have full hookups for an RV at their house. I could not ask for better hospitality.

I was busy dropping in on friends ensuring the second part of “Make new friends, but keep the old.” Even two weeks was not enough time, as there were several people I missed. I’ll catch you next time.

I am proud and fortunate to have two awesome children – young adults discovering, creating and pursuing their dreams. Being retired and mobile, I enjoy having the freedom and flexibility to see them frequently. As they are both in Kentucky, this explains why I hover around this area, even when the temperatures indicate I should take my house on wheels and head south!

A Lapse in Appropriations

After a little over two weeks in Lexington, Kentucky, I was starting to get itchy feet and was ready to get back on the road. Mammoth Cave National Park seemed like a great place to land, and the weather forecast for the week is reasonable.

A lapse in federal appropriations has the Mammoth Cave visitor center and cave tours closed, but as the signs indicated, “it is not feasible to close or otherwise prohibit access to National Park Service properties.” That leaves only about 53,000 acres for me to explore with miles and miles of hiking and biking trails, historic churches and cemeteries and the Green River!

Mammoth Cave National Park gift shop. © Brad Saum/ – All rights reserved.
Amid the partial federal government shutdown, the gift shop at Mammoth Cave lodge remained opened, along with the restaurant.

The lodge, restaurant and gift shop are open, and there are a few people wandering about. Definitely not a full parking lot of people gathering to board the park buses to be whisked off to the underground cave tour entrance sites.

Everyone must be treating the park with respect, as there were no overflowing trash cans or any other negative indication that services were not being provided. Apparently even the deer and wild turkey must have been impacted by the closure, because I did not spot even one, and I know they are plentiful here from previous visits.

Green River in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky.  © Brad Saum/ – All rights reserved.
Green River approaching flood stage as it meanders 370 miles through Kentucky. It was interesting to learn there are 41 species of mussels found in the Green River, especially after driving past the Center for Mollusk Conservation founded by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources – I really need to tour that place and learn about their efforts.

Everything melted, rained, unraveled, became, grew wings, attempted flight, flopped, tried again, succeeded. Just another day.

The Persistence of Yellow by Monique Duval

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