Brad Saum, at Lake Guntersville State Park

Lake Guntersville State Park

I stumbled on Lake Guntersville State Park a year ago when I was southbound with the polar vortex nipping at my heels. It proved a great escape then, and it did not disappoint as a starting point for 2020.

Located about one hour southeast of Huntsville, Alabama, Lake Guntersville State Park campground is in a beautiful setting on the banks of the Tennessee River. The Tennessee Valley Authority has built numerous dams along the Tennessee River to generate hydraulic power. The water behind the Guntersville Dam creates the expansive Lake Guntersville.

The Lake Guntersville State Park campground
The Lake Guntersville State Park campground is at the water’s edge.

Lake Guntersville

Famous for crappie and bass fishing, Lake Guntersville serves as an ideal habitat for a myriad of waterfowl and other types of birds. The eagles, coots, loons, killdeer, herons, and egrets are amazing to see in their natural habitat.

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My last visit to Lake Guntersville State Park focused on capturing photos of the birds, especially the bald eagles. Those images can be found at this link: SOARING.

Deer are everywhere, even nonchalantly meandering through the campground. Of course, there are signs everywhere not to feed the deer, but unfortunately, I assume they are conditioned to leftover marshmallows and chocolate bars.

Deer walking through Lake Guntersville State Park campground.
Deer are routinely seen casually walking through Lake Guntersville State Park campground.

It can certainly be a little unnerving when you open the door to your RV to step outside and there is a deer just a few feet away peering at you with wishful thoughts of an easy treat. I doubt barely any wild instincts remain, and I suppose these deer could be hand fed. Its great people get t see wildlife, but a little discouraging when people don’t respect the wild in wild animals.

Guntersville State Park

Lake Guntersville State Park provided a convenient place to reset – to get organized after the holidays, do some maintenance projects on my RV and generally prepare for the coming weeks.

Lake Guntersville State Park Lodge interior
The interior of the lodge has a traditional wilderness cabin feel flanked with huge modern patios overlooking the Lake Guntersville in the valley below.

It has been a year and a half since I retired, sold my home and started this journey of living and traveling in my RV. No regrets – I am enjoying everyday!

American Coot on lake.
American Coots are common at Lake Guntersville State Park.

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